Customized Modules

Each workshop will have the general modules customized to focus on the specific goals requested by each group.

You will see how unique goals and experiences can always be related to the general thinking-feeling-behavioral progression. The aim is to apply our underlying principles to real-life situations and experiences.

10 Core Modules

These general Core Modules are customized for each executive workshop based upon the goals each participant requests.

Module 1

Do external events and pressures determine our feelings and levels of stress? It would seem that way but what is really going on within us.

Module 2

What are our different systems of thinking and how can we identify them? Discover the source of cognitive distortions, bias, and underlying thinking patterns. This paves the way for unbiased and critical thinking.

Module 3

What determines the level of our feelings – sad vs depressed, concerned vs anxious, and angry vs enraged? Are all feelings created the same way? Are feelings automatic or generated? Learn about ‘psychological self-structure’ and how it determines all our feelings and self-concept.

Module 4

The art of feeling your feelings without resistance. This is necessary in order to differentiate between emotional thinking versus critical thinking. How can we change the level of our feelings going forward in a scientific and mindful way?

Module 5

Why do we have such a hard time breaking bad habits although we may really want to do so badly? We create inner conflict instead of zoning into the source of the habit. Learn the key to breaking all bad habits.

Module 6

Who am I really? The difference between self-esteem and true self-confidence. Learn about how the ego is created and formulated. You will see the difference between observation, analysis, and story-telling mode.

Module 7

Master simple eating and fitness habits that will transform your body and mind. Use these key practical habits to apply in any lifestyle and pressured schedule. You will experience higher energy levels and maximize time efficiency.

Module 8

The difference between people-pleasing and communicating definitive and practical goals. Get rid of subconscious and conscious social anxiety and fear of rejection forever.

Module 9

How to create a values mission statement and cost-benefit analysis so they get what you really want.

Module 10

Summarizing all our principles and applying 3 practical methods (3-10 minutes) to reduce intense feelings & stress, break habits and communicate effectively.

From the Sessions

PowerPoint Samples

System 1 and 2
System 1 and 2
Systems of Thinking
System 1 and 2

How it works

The Program

Workshop Design

There are 10 Modules in each Workshop.

Module Duration

1 hour per Module. Each workshop includes 10 modules = 10 hours.

Workshop Duration

2.5 hours per day – once a week for 4 weeks or twice a week for 2 weeks.


Zoom session or at your office.


There are 6-8 executives per group unless a workshop is requested for within your own company.


PDF PowerPoint summaries of each session and an application method of the week.

Gain a Certificate

The Certificate is awarded to participants at your company who successfully complete a Workshop with its materials.


  • A base of theoretical knowledge to provide a profound context for why and how to manage your chosen goals.
  • The skills to interpret evidence-based models to facilitate learning and change.
  • A foundation for effective application to occur within a business context
  • Knowledge of methods to establish trust- and safety-based relationships with employees and clients.
  • Personal and professional applications for improving productivity, mindfulness, and efficiency.

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