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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the workshops different from therapy?

Therapy is designed to deal with specific experiences and ongoing challenges. We give you the tools to understand your underlying thinking, feeling, and behavioral patterns. You will also get practical methods to apply yourself for the rest of your life.

Why all the theory?

You must first understand the theory before you can effectively apply the practical change. No one just wants a set of rules to follow. This is the problem with many action-orientated self-help books today. Our Workshops provide a learning experience that you can apply both personally and professionally.

Are workshops available for my company?

Yes. Although the Workshops are designed for executive-level management, we have done many internal company workshops with management and employees. We can work around your specific goals to create a custom workshop that fits the goals and values of your company.

How long are the workshops?

The Workshops are designed to include 10 Modules. You can choose to complete the Workshops in 2-4 weeks. We have found that the 2-week option is most effective because you will get a powerful injection of ideas and methods that will transform your life and company. Workshops prolonged over long periods of time often lose their initial excitement.

How many people can join?

We have found that there are wonderful advantages to doing workshops in small group settings. You will see and hear how everyone has their own unique experiences and applications of our principles. However, we have done workshops ranging from 2 people to 500 people in your company or institution.

Are there private sessions?

You may choose to take a Workshop personally. Private Workshop sessions are suggested for those who want a completely personal experience. However, in general, we still recommend choosing small groups over private sessions because there is a unique advantage in seeing how others have similar experiences.