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“As an experienced executive with over 25 years in the financial services industry both globally and in South Africa, I initially approached David’s workshop with a fair degree of skepticism. Having now spent a considerable amount of time with David in his various workshops, I have realized that a lot of preconceived ideas and thoughts about leadership and self were lacking in real substance and different and more efficient learnings are needed for the challenges of leadership in the third decade of the 21st Century and beyond. David’s patient and considered approach worked very well indeed in unpacking the layers of earlier learnings and perceptions and all the while building on new concepts of critical thinking. The weaving together of the most prominent thinkers in psychology and mindfulness into a relatively simple coherent approach is truly fascinating and breathtaking. His clear and concise style, coupled with fast-moving thoughts and ideas make for an exciting journey. At no part did I feel left behind and soon realized that I was in the company of a deep-seated subject expert who has a vast array of knowledge at his fingertips. I strongly recommend David and his various courses for any individual or company who wishes to invest so as to be able to develop, grow and face the challenges of the ever-developing world around us..”

Rob Katz

CEO, Peregrine Holdings (Pty) Ltd (formerly listed on the JSE)

“Zulberg has now expanded his research to include classic and contemporary sources on behavior modification, a technique that can be both psychotherapeutic as well as personally pragmatic. His work is a welcome source of guidance for both the professional and the layperson.”

Abraham J. Twerski, MD

CEO, Gateway Rehabilitation Center

“I recommend this transformative workshop to everyone. David the founder & facilitator is sincere, passionate, and truly a gifted mindfulness practitioner. He embodies the teachings and is masterful at providing the content. The course is structured very well, with continual progressions as the weeks go on. David patiently took me through the various principles and seamlessly handed me the tools on how to become inquisitive and aware of our different level system thinking and demanding thoughts underlying the illusionary perceived “stories”. Through this knowing, I have learned I am able to move my mind from a place of chaos to a place of calm. He has challenged me to create a space to be vulnerable and become aware of my inner movement – how to sit with my fears, feel and witness my feelings fully, and how to better implement boundaries in deconstructing old conditioned patterns. I have felt the impact individually and within my company. I feel truly humbled to have had the opportunity to learn from David Zulberg and am forever grateful for the experience.”

Tali Ruben

CEO, Elegant Designs

“I’ve been fortunate enough to work with David over the past 6 years offering his courses to our workshops community. Each and every time thousands sign up to participate in his online webinar and the inspiration and motivation they gain are priceless. David has the unique ability to take complex ideas and deliver them in a relatable and easy-to-understand approach so that everyone feels comfortable and even excited to begin their new health journey. The results speak for themselves, but we always appreciate the positive feedback we receive which directly speaks to David’s dedication to supporting his clients.”

Jillian Zussman

CEO, Jewish Workshops

Health & Habits Expert

David Zulberg

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I am simply a human being who loves to live, research and teach the mind & body connection.

I have an absolute passion for these topics and also love connecting and sharing ideas and experiences with others. I can’t wait to share the insights and experiences that I garnered over a 15-year period, and in the process, learn about your unique insights and experiences.

It is the most rewarding experience to watch someone transform their thinking, feeling, and behavioral progression. I will simply assist along the way but you will create this transformation yourself and I will observe this wonderful flowering and flow that your mind, body, and being will experience for themselves.

A Note From David Zulberg